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Your Think Tank

We love ideas and more importantly, we love coming up with ideas for your business! When you hire us, you get fresh eyes on your business. We look at everything – your logo, website, tagline, social media presence, videos, photos, and everything in between. We crunch the numbers and deliver smart, data driven ideas to impact and engage your customers on a greater level.

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Meet your peeps!

Gary Shorman


aka The Lead Eagle


Gary writes the checks and declines our repeated requests for an office keg fridge. In all seriousness, Gary has spent many years with Eagle helping businesses and communities to grow and thrive. He handles the business stuff and is an all-around great guy.

Gary enjoys flying airplanes, riding motorcycles, and running 1,000 miles a year. →

Liby Waltemath

Agency Director

aka Eagle Eye


Liby tightly grips her Eagle talons around the day to day operations and marketing strategies. Prior to Eagle Creative, Liby has been a marketing virtuoso with extensive experience in digital and broadcast advertising, as well as print and event marketing.  

She also has an affinity for classic cars, taxidermyhistoric buildings, and the color teal.

Miles Ramsay

Creative Director

aka The Wing Man


Miles guides and supports the overall creative vision. Miles is a two time Radio Mercury finalist and an NAFB Plambeck Award winner.   

Miles loves playing guitar, pitching wiffleball, teaching his oldest daughter to play the drums, and trying to convince his youngest daughter to pick up a musical instrument (he hasn’t succeeded just yet).

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